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Honey infused body & bath products

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Cerana is a brand that offers a range of honey infused products for the eco-conscious consumer who appreciates the value of fresh and organic products. The main ingredient is honey from the Apis Cerana Bee. The brand's concept is to protect the bees from the Asian giant hornets that have been spotted in the United States, prompting fears that they could decimate the honeybee population. Therefore, as a concept, 15% of the total sales will be donated to the Washinton State Department of Agriculture to create traps for the Asian giant hornets who pose a threat to the bees.

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          Type                    Timeline                      Class                                  Tools


           Branding                        5 weeks                           Package Design                  Dimension,Illustrator,Photoshop                                    



Inspiration board

The brand is inspired by the colors of a honeybee. It targets middle-upper class women aged 18-40.


Style Guide




The brand name is inspired by the Apis "Cerana" Bee. The combination of the old-style serif of Didot and the modern geometric sans-serif Avenir have a strong contrast that are a great way to integrate elegance and character into a prodycr whilst maintaining a modern brand image.


Form Inspiration

The form of the products are inspired by the Apis Cerana beehive.

exploded view .jpg

Exploded View: Perfume Bottle

The double-walled perfume bottle is fitted with a brass-plated metal cap.

final render.jpg

Perfume Packaging

The Eau de toilette is packaged in a recyclable paper box.

soap bar .jpg

Soap bar Packaging

The soap bar is packaged in a sustainable beeswax wrapping paper and secured with a sticker.

lip balm final file-01.jpg

Lip balm Packaging

The lip balm is molded using a beehive pattern similar to the soap bar

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 12.24.34

Hand cream Packaging

The brand also includes a hand cream with a recyclable metal-plated cap.

HERO cerana-01.png

Product Line

The whole product line aims at using easy to recycle components.

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