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A device that provides feedback on users moods



The mood tracker is inspired by the notion of checking in on how a group of people are doing using "thumbs" as a visual cue. This device is inspired by the punching timecard for a job, however, instead users can literally click a button to represent their mood. The tracker tallies up the number of presses for each button and sends data to an internet feed, which in turn triggers an email to the advisors/HR department at School or Work announcing the users status by creating a feedback loop.

            Smart Device                              4 weeks                     Nihaarika & Monica           3D Printing, Soldering,
                                                                                                                                                  Building Circuits


             Type                         Timeline                    Team                          Skills

The Concept

The mood tracker bears a core resemblance to the standing satisfaction booths in airport bathrooms and stadiums. However, our product is not so much an endless vessel for feedback, but an alert system that is triggered at specific moments to help educational institutions and staff known when to check in with their students.

Design Process

The first step was honing in on our idea and sketching it out. Since we were focused on telling a good story it was important to consider the users journey while interacting with our product. This was the concept that we then implemented into our device and its video.


Open-Sourcing the Mood Tracker

The interior elements comprise of an ultrasonic sensor that lights up an LED strip when someone approaches, inviting a quick mood check. The Adafruit Feather Huzzah ESP8266 circuit detects button presses from the 3D printed thumbs that controls a series of neopixels under each button to indicate presses. Adafruit IO calculates a tracking feed and sends data to IFTTT that triggers an email to faculty/HR team if the users mood hits a certain set points.To create your own Mood Tracker for school of work, click here to follow step by step instructions.

IMG_2672 3.png

Final Product & Takeaways

The Mood Tracker used a warm color palate for the pressed buttons. Yellow being thumbs up, Orange being thumbs level and Red being thumbs down. Lastly, the project gained traction and was featured on

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