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Hello, I'm  Nihaarika,

A multi-disciplinary designer with a robust background in Human-Computer Interaction and Product Design. My unique approach to human interaction seamlessly integrates iterative user testing with data-driven insights, enabling me to craft comprehensive design solutions that not only meet business requirements but also deliver inclusive and delightful experiences for users.

My professional journey includes collaborations with clients ranging from Olas, a talent acquisition company, to prestigious organizations like The Museum of Modern Art and TJX Companies. With over 5+ years of industry experience, I excel in leading initiatives to scale both physical and digital products. Collaborating seamlessly with diverse teams—including product managers, marketing teams, developers, and overseas manufacturers—I thrive as an active problem solver, adept at synthesizing feedback and transforming ideas into fully functional products.

In my roles, I've delivered interactive prototypes informed by UX research, emphasizing the creation of comprehensive design systems to ensure consistency and adaptability across platforms. Keen to address social issues in HealthTech and EdTech, my commitment to continual learning ensures that my designs are up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

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