A social scheduling  app

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Easy Grid is a social scheduling app. The concept was to merge productivity and social media with the ability to sync schedules with friends and find overlapping free times.

The app notifies users when they’ve crossed paths with a friend for more opportunities to be social. 
In this mobile design project, we focused on UI animations, branding, and efficiency in task flows.

UI/UX, Mobile Design, Interaction Design

3 months

Nihaarika and Vlora

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We developed proto personas for storyboarding our concept. This initial process helped us understand what the key features of our app must account for.

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Our task flows were developed after testing different scheduling apps. We explored clicking on icons, menus, and other affordances to complete the task.
As the number of flows increased for a task, it became important to start nesting information into icons and visual elements. Scheduling apps tend to be detail-heavy and, therefore, depend on structure.

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Easy Grid Final Presentation copy.007.jp
Easy Grid Final Presentation copy.007.jp
Easy Grid Final Presentation copy.007.jp

The prototype for the app was tested with the target audience. After noting the patterns, habits, and actions of users our key takeaways were designing for visual language, privacy, customization, and video communication.

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We designed a structural grid 
system, followed by a warm pastel color palette. We chose to pair a serif and sans-serif typeface where certain elements are highlighted to convey importance and hierarchy.

The app analyzes your friend's 
schedules and matches it with yours, generating recommendations for the best times to meet. The schedules are placed next to each other and given hierarchy through color.

Easy Grid is an app that combines productivity 
and social media. The “crossing paths” feature notifies users when they are in close proximity with another user.