An immersive exercise experience for dogs and owners

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Gantrail is a collaborative exercise experience designed for on-leash dogs of all sizes and owners in Gantry Park, Queens.

The interventions 
incentivize dog owners to exercise with their pets by encouraging a daily agility training routine. The proposed interventions are designed to withstand the strong winds in this area, especially during the winter months.

Industrial Design / Environment/ Branding

Nihaarika, Jose, Kaylan, Jaemin

5 weeks

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The vast open area of Gantry Park was subject to strong winds more so due to its proximity to the East River. Despite harsh weather conditions, we frequently observed dog owners taking their pets for walks. Despite the two dog parks at this location, we observed that dog owners were not engaged in the same level of physical activity as their pets.

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It is recommended for both dogs and owners to engage in at least 30 minutes of daily exercise to maintain a healthy  
lifestyle. We chose to focus on agility training as a form of exercise that both humans and dogs can perform collaboratively.


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We began group ideations for different concepts on how to engage both dogs and humans in a collaborative outdoor exercise. Since Gantry Park requires dogs on-leash we ensured that our designs accounted for a dog on leash exercise experience. Additionallywe also learned that certain soft music intrigues dogs and encourages them to play.

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The design language and color palette was inspired by existing elements in the park. The pop of orange was inspired by the history of the Pepsi:Cola sign in this park which made for a way finding system that is easy to follow.

Gantry Park's Dog Trail  FINAL MAP-01.png
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We designed four interventions that were strategically placed on the stretch of the park. 
After the forth intervention was completed interventions one-three were mirrored. This ensured that no matter where the users began the trail (North or South) they would be able to perform the obstacles and perhaps repeat them if they'd like.

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Since this was an intervention concept it was integral for our research to understand how different users would interact with the interventions in the space. After various site visits we were able to map out the users journey through the trail.

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A ramp and stair design that allows dogs and owners to run and climb up and down side by side.

Gantry Park's Dog Trail Dossier copy.070.jpeg

A sculptural and multi-functional obstacle for both dogs and humans to interact with.

Gantry Park's Dog Trail Dossier copy.074.jpeg

 A partially open design that allows dogs and owners to have a safe tunnel experience on-leash.

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The intervention produces a sweet symphony since the construction of the pillars feature an in-built music box that are activated by the wind. This obstacle allows the user to perform the exercise of weaving and running and is located at the halfway point of the trail.