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A talent acquisition platform that empowers users to gain insight into a digital career

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Olas is a specialized talent acquisition platform within the EdTech sector, dedicated to empowering users with actionable insights for their digital career journeys. The platform aims to facilitate a seamless transition into digital careers by imparting essential skills and connecting users with relevant opportunities. Through collaborative efforts, I formulated a comprehensive UX strategy and crafted end-to-end user flows, leveraging iterative testing and co-design sessions with the lead Olas developer. This collaborative process culminated in the successful launch of the product.


Optimize the Olas platform by launching a pilot user testing phase across web, tablet, and mobile. The primary goal was to synthesize user feedback, identify areas for improvement, and enhance overall performance efficiency.


The project led to a 30% increase in efficiency through the implementation of unified brand assets and UX flows. The introduction of a design system fostered collaboration, resulting in a notable 52% increase in system code adoption. 


Lead Product Designer & UX Strategist


Project Manager & Lead Engineer


Design Strategy, Information Architecture, UX Flows, 
Usability Testing, Design System


15 Weeks


Many individuals struggle to transition into digital careers, due to a lack of essential skills, an overwhelming influx of information, and difficulties navigating the intricate pathways leading to these jobs. The convergence of these obstacles hinders a seamless transition and diminishes the overall user experience for aspiring digital professionals.

92% of jobs across industries require digital skills.

1/3of workers lack the essential digital skills needed to qualify for these jobs.


To uncover hidden pain points , we conducted user interviews to better understand the unique challenges and needs of individuals aspiring to enter digital careers. We combined all the data from interviews and used Affinity Mapping to identify emergent themes.

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🔎  search To uncover hidden pain points, we conducted user interviews Users have difficulty finding their unique niche and content strategy.




In crafting the information architecture for the platform, I meticulously organized various sections to establish clear hierarchies to implement user-friendly navigation. This not only helped enhance overall usability but also facilitated efficient content management and easy updates while maintaining a consistent user interface.

Information Architecture - Olas-01.png


In steering website development, I crafted low-fidelity wireframes with a strategic focus on essential elements—navigation menus, content blocks, and interactive components—to foster an intuitive user journey. These wireframes laid the foundation for collaborative efforts with developers, extending beyond static layouts to address responsive design intricacies across web, tablet, and mobile platforms. Our iterative exchanges centered on optimizing transitions for a seamless and responsive user experience, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between design precision and technical implementation.

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