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A vegetable peeler for users with different palm sizes and peeling preferences

peeler hero.png
peeler hero.png


Analyzing the lack of control and increased fatigue while peeling vegetables often made me frustrated. The existing market for vegetable peelers did not design for a wide range of palm sizes or encourage a bi-directional use. Graze 

is an ergonomically designed vegetable peeler that is skid-resistant and flexible. The thick and malleable material

allows each user to mold its form according to their comfort.



     Product Design,                          8 weeks                     Studio: Team project          Band saw, 3D printer, sculpting,     Branding, Packaging                                                                                                                      Illustrator  




          Type                         Timeline                      Class                                Tools

graze pages  (dragged).jpg

Initial Testing

By creating wooden bucks, I was able to test different angles for the handle. This helped me observe how individuals across cultures peel differently, some peel downwards, and rest peel upwards. After analyzing peeling preferences based on different palm sizes and orientations of use, people had varying opinions on comfort.


Design Development 

We started with simple ideations and created clay and PLA models to further conduct user testing. This helped me understand the user's comfort based on personal preferences while peeling. We were then interested in using a flexible material for the handle which can be moldable based on the user's preference.

graze packaging.jpg
final presentation peeler 1 (dragged).jp

Final Product

Graze is a flexible peeler designed for all. The thick handle offer's a power grip and its versatile form ensures comfort even after repetitive use.

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